A Place to Find Community

We are more than just a house of worship; we are a vibrant and caring congregational family. We welcome your membership!

We believe deeply in lifelong learning, the importance of prayer and God in our lives and the Jewish vision of repairing the world.  We are committed to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Why Join Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation? 

  • To enrich your Jewish spiritual life
  • To share holidays, special occasions and life-cycle events with community
  • To worship in ways relevant to progressive reform Judaism
  • To meet people with mutual interests and bond with other Jews to ensure Jewish survival and continuity
  • To make lifelong friends
  • To grow intellectually and spiritually
  • To strengthen religious and cultural bonds with our rich Jewish heritage
  • To provide yourself and your children with a strong Jewish identity
  • To gain support and comfort in times of difficulty or loss
  • To help those in need and participate in opportunities to help heal our world and to support the State of Israel

The best way to learn about us is to visit IHC in person.  We invite you to attend Shabbat Services and any of our programs and activities or just drop by.  Share with us.  Experience the friendly atmosphere that is IHC. 

For further information, contact our Executive Director, Daniel Silien or  317-255-6647, ext. 202.

Click here for the IHC Commitment Form

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