Who are we?
Temple Sisterhood is the organization of the women of IHC. We come together in friendship to plan and implement programs that benefit IHC and the community at large. Programming includes social activities, study, and most importantly, the opportunity to fulfill our individual potential as women of Reform Judaism.

What do we do? 
Sisterhood carries out its mission through various committees including Membership, Leadership, Religious Living, Programming, Fundraising and Caring Community. Click here to see upcoming events!

What will I get out of it? 
Sisterhood provides you with a chance to become part of the collective identity of the women of IHC. In addition, Temple Sisterhood can provide you with an outlet for your energy, creativity and leadership potential as a Jewish woman.

Do you really need me?
ABSOLUTELY! We want and need the support of all the women of IHC. The only membership criteria needed is to be a member of IHC. Please join the wonderful women who are already contributing members!