Legacy Society Members

Thank you to our current members of IHC’s Life & Legacy Society


Anonymous (4)

Gayle and Jerry Ancel

Elaine and Gerry Arffa

Besty Backe

Shirley Backer*

Barb* and Steve Bailie*

Beverly and Robert Baker

Mary Ruth Barnard

Barbara and Michael Blickman

Toby and Sol* Blickman

Connie* and Stanley Braun

Bea Hersch Cahn

Susan and Peter* Cahn

Linda and Louis Cantor

Brad and Tina Cohen

Karen and Chuck Cohen

Dan Cook

Brian and Sara Cox

Miriam and David Dant

Judie and Tom Doehrman

Roland and Patti Freeman-Dorson

Henry Efroymson and Sonja Kantor

Herbert Falender*

Donald and Myra Fisher

Barbara* and Irving Freeman*

Laurie and Edward Freeman

Sarah Freeman and Ian Stewart

Susan and Bob Garelick

Rhonda Gerson-Hurwitz and Chad Gerson

Dorthy Gitlin*

Christianne and Kenneth* Glasser

Marcia and Marvin Goldstein

Lynda and Evan Goodman

Melanie and Oren Gottlieb

Ben and Rachel Greenfield

Judi and Chet Hastings

Janie and Tom Herman

June Herman

Carolyn and Harold Hiser

Francine and Roger Hurwitz

Steve and Lainie Hurwitz

Amy and Dwayne Isaacs

Susan Jacobs

Brian and Emily Kahn

Joan* and David Kahn*

Dana and Marc Katz

Mitchell E. and Karen Katz

Gaye and Michael Kerschner

Marge Klein*

Andrew Kleiman

David Kleiman

Rabbi Brett and Tami Krichiver

Caroline and Greg Kroot

Martin and Natalie Kroot

Jackie Larman

Joanne and Roger Lenke

Florence Leviton*

Barbara and Marks* Levy

Lynn S. Levy

Louise and Jerry Litwack

Betti Kahn Lurie*

Amelia Cook Lurvey*

David Lurvey

Diane Lutz

Andrew McSheffery and Marilyn Smith

Gerald and Shirley Halpern Mansbach

Jason Mintz

Jack and Susan Moss

Flo Mary and Thomas Mantel

Joan and Nathan Miller

Helen and Ronald Newmark

Gladys Nisenbaum*

Eloise Paul

Gerald and Dorit Paul

Ronald* and Susan Popp

Frank Prickett

Becky and Mark Ristow

Joseph and Harriet Rodenberg

Brandon and Cantor Janice Roger

Gabriel and Francine* Rosenberg

Maurel and Jane Strashun Rothbaum*

Larry and Lisa Sablosky

Caryl Shideler

Norm Sider

Gregory K. and Renny Silver

Robert* and Helaine Simon

Michael Skolnick

Alex and Marcella Slabosky

Ted and Judy Sosin

Daniel and Alana* Spitzberg

Philip Stiefler and Frances Stiefler*

Betty and Morton Tavel

Sid* and Charlene Tuchman

Larry and Carly Turow

Carol Weiss

David and Masha Wiener

Cynthia Yosha-Snyder and Family

*of Blessed Memory as of January 2019