A Message from our President: We Need Your Voices!

Dear IHC Family,

Continuing my focus on engagement and desire to hear from all of you, the Strategic Planning Task Force and I are activating a listening campaign this month. We are striving to gain insight into your needs and priorities to help us establish IHC’s priorities for our strategic plan.

Each of us are a stakeholder in IHC. We need to hear your thoughts and voice to create a strong and vibrant community! Your voice is needed to establish the direction IHC takes during the next three years.

Below, you will find a list of the topics the Task Force has identified as priority areas. To help you decide which conversations you want to be part of, you will find a brief summary of each topic at the end of this message. Most sessions are offered during the day and evening. Each session will have one facilitator who will ask several open-ended questions. We expect these Zoom sessions to last around 60 minutes.

Registration via Zoom will be required. Scroll through the topics, decide which date and time works for you, then click on the link to register. Prior to the date, we will send you the meeting link along with background information for our conversation.

Your participation in one or more of the conversations will help us form our plan and assures the plan is as diverse as our community.

We will listen.

You will be heard.

Sign up today so IHC can hear from you!

Many thanks,

Eloise Paul


Choose the topics and times that work for you. Please click the link in the time column to register.

Philanthropy (NEW) Sunday, July 26 4:30pm
Fiscal Tuesday, July 28 5:30pm

Living Jewish values through worship, engagement, enrichment and education, IHC will be focusing on these strategic priorities:

 Engagement. Building relationships through Jewish living occurs when we offer programs, activities, worship, and opportunities to be together. This conversation helps us understand how best to welcome and engage all members of our community.

Worship and Rituals. Worship experiences – singular, communal, holy days, Shabbat, and festivals are designed to enrich the soul of hundreds of people in our diverse community. The style, venue, sights and sounds of IHC worship and rituals inherently must meet the needs of all of its community.

Jewish Culture and Arts. A synagogue is a house of worship, a house of study, and a house of gathering. Through hosting and offering programs and activities celebrating our culture and the arts, we are able to bring our own community and other faith communities together.

Israel. Reform Judaism is a continuation of the early Zionist dreams to foster a living, breathing, national culture representing the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood. How we in Central Indiana become engaged is through culture, learning, advocacy, and understanding.

Fiscal & Operations. IHC is an inclusive community, inspired by Jewish values and opportunities to experience Judaism in meaningful ways. IHC is also is a business operation that relies on its membership to serve its leadership, policy makers, and stewards of its finances.

Life Long Learning. If the diversity of our learning experiences is as diverse as our community, and as diverse as our Jewish beliefs, we can become a learning community. Our learning program must engage the entire community, from our youngest to our elders.

Philanthropy & Fund Development. IHC is sustained through the engagement of our community, both spiritually and financially. During the last few years, we have adopted a number of different opportunities for our community to create financial stability.

Social Justice. Our Jewish values call on each member of our community to engage in acts of loving kindness and repairing the world around us – Tikkun Olam. Through actions, personally and communally, as advocacy and advocates, we can make a difference.