Adamah Initiative Presents Helping Our Native Pollinators

Aug 12, 2020 | Announcements

Our Adamah (Earth) Initiative is offering two part series in the next month with Ecologist Stephanie Schuck! And then we’ll meet to plant our own Pollinators at IHC on October 4th!

Helping our Native Pollinators to Thrive, Part 1 —Sunday, August 23, 4-5pm 

Zoom Presentation with Restoration Ecologist, Stephanie Schuck 

While bees are our most famous and prolific pollinators, they are only one piece to the pollination puzzle.  Learn about pollinators in Indiana and around the world, and delve into the intricacies of their invaluable role. Stephanie will discuss issues our pollinators face, such as habitat loss, and how you can build native pollinator gardens and advocate for conservation of native habitats.
Check out the Facebook event here

Helping our Native Pollinators to Thrive, Part 2— Sunday, September 13, 4-5pm 

Ecolab Tour with Restoration Ecologist Stephanie Schuck

Marian University Ecolab (masks required)

At the 75-acre EcoLab on Marian’s campus, we will take an in depth look at how conservationists are protecting natural areas in urban spaces and beyond.
Check out the Facebook event here

Please email for more information, to get the Zoom link for Part 1 and information about the onsite program at the EcoLab.

Then, join us on the grounds of IHC Sunday, October 4 at 4pm for our fall planting event with refreshments, Q & A, and pollinator garden packet distribution.

Check out the this event at IHC on Facebook here.

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Schuck is the Restoration Ecologist for the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab. She oversees and conducts educational programs in the EcoLab, as well as managing the ecological restoration of the 75-acre EcoLab property. She also manages the native plant sale held at Marian each year. She holds a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Ball State University and spends a lot of her free time chasing around bees and other insects with her camera.

About our pollinator program:

These events are funded by our JFGI Education Innovation Grant. Watch for details of our fall planting event with pollinator garden packet distribution October 4.


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  1. ginger odom

    I very excited and certainly stand behind this program. I am well aware of the issue of the bee declining population .. I realize this has the potential to cause environmental issues. they serve an essential purpose in pollinating plants as well as our crops. Obviosly, this a huge concern Several years ago, the Indiana State Fair gave a presentation about bee pollution and the problem with the the lack of bees. there may be a club associated with this problem but I don’t remember the group you may know. I know this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. . I would love to participate win any program dedicated to this cause !


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