Make A Plan To Vote

Our Brit Olam Social Justice Team Is Here To Help You Vote And Offers You This Information to Make Your Plan To Vote: First, check your voter registration, even if you think you don’t have to. Go to and click on Check Your Registration...

Mitzvah Stitchers Reboot

As we prepare for the holy season ahead, it is time to take stock of our deeds. What better time to clear our homes as well as our souls.  The Mitzvah Stitchers have been working to make hats, scarves, and hand warmers for those in need. We haven't met for almost six...

Lilith Salon

Ladies, if you are looking for some great conversation with great ladies, look no further than Sisterhood's Lilith Salon. Each month, we meet (virtually, right now) to discuss 2-3 articles found in the most recent issue of Lilith Magazine, the independent, Jewish, and...

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