Annual Commitment

“IHC is rooted in the idea of radical welcoming. 
We must all partner together to create community every day, every month, every year.  It begins with our financial commitments to keep the community vital and alive.”

-Rabbi Brett Krichiver

This year has been like no other.

So much has changed, and so much lost. We celebrated an amazing virtual High Holy Days together, and yet our hearts ached at the sight of our empty sanctuary seats. We welcomed Rabbi Chernow-Reader and we were preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Rabbi Krichiver, now postponed until we can gather together.

Despite it all, we have stayed together.

We have found ways to meaningfully connect. We have taken part in the full range of Jewish experiences, including Shabbat, Torah study, B’nai Mitzvah, adult learning, holiday celebrations, and more. We have made the time and space to worship, sing, find comfort, offer support, laugh, and learn, together.

IHC remains fully committed to our congregation.

We will ensure our community thrives well into the future. Now, we are calling upon our congregants to formally express their commitment to IHC—by confirming your membership and your Annual Commitment, your Gift from the Heart contribution amount for the coming year through the online pledge form found below.

This year, your support matters more than ever.

We cannot predict the full impact of COVID-19 on our congregation’s financial health. Your annual membership gift and additional monetary contributions ensure that our wide range of spiritual, educational, and social programs are accessible to everyone. Your commitment sustains us all.

In the spirit of tzedakah, we are asking for your help.

Please consider increasing your household’s yearly gift from last year, by any amount that is meaningful to you, to help ensure a strong future for IHC. We recognize that this year, financial and personal circumstances may mean that some families may not be able to match previous contributions and we embrace members regardless of their circumstances. For those who are able to give above and beyond, we thank you for your generosity. 

The 2022 Sustaining Amount

Given the uncertainties of COVID’s continued impact on our finances, this year’s Sustaining Amount has been capped at last year’s amount of $2860. You can read more about the sustaining amount and unknown effects of COVID-19 on our budget in the FAQ section below.

If you are able, please give at least the sustaining amount of $2860. If you have the means to give more than that amount, your generosity helps this giving model work so that all can be part of our community. If you are not able to give the sustaining amount, please give an amount feels good. 

Please Read Before Filling Out Your Pledge Form

We ask that one member of your household completes our 2022 Annual Commitment Pledge Form by November 22, 2020, so we can accurately budget for 2021.

We know that many of you like to make your contribution for next year when you complete your pledge form and we appreciate that! After you submit your completed form, you will receive an acknowledgement email. There, you will find the mailing address to send your check or a link to set up your payment using our Annual Commitment Donate Now page.


Thank you for your continued partnership.
Without you, there is no IHC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Annual Commitment mean? Instead of paying an assigned or fixed dues amount, our partners — our member households – are personally responsible to fairly assess their own commitment level and to give accordingly. Partners are invited to contribute based on what their household determines is consistent with their ability to support, sustain, perpetuate, and strengthen IHC.

We believe, and other synagogues have found, that this model is more closely aligned with contemporary Jewish culture and values. We want to empower our partners to give more and increase their support.  In fact, we hope 100% of our partners are inspired to increase their commitment gifts. Your personal contribution creates change and impacts lives while assuring a healthy and thriving financial future for IHC.

If each of our partners were able to contribute the Sustaining Amount, IHC would meet all of its financial obligations.  We know there are those in our community who are not able to give the Sustaining Amount. We will never turn congregants away if they cannot. Since the Annual Commitment only covers about 60% of our budgeted expenses, we are counting on your continued generous support to the annual High Holy Day Appeal, other donations, and participation in fundraising opportunities to assure our budget is balanced.

How do we know how to set our Annual Commitment? We start by providing you with our “Sustaining Amount” determined each year by dividing the total budgeted costs (less ECC expenses as they are met with ECC fees) by the number of member households.  As our partner, you are invited to make a meaningful Annual Commitment.

The 2022 Sustaining Amount has been set at $2860. This is what it costs, per member household, to operate the synagogue. We are hopeful that most of you will be able to give at the sustaining level and that those who have the means will give above the sustaining level. This makes it possible for everyone to connect at IHC – to Torah, God, each other, and the world – regardless of their ability to give the Sustaining Amount.

We have heard from some of you that you may need guidance on what to give. We are happy to help … just contact us!

What if I cannot afford to set my Annual Commitment at or above the Sustaining Amount? We know some households may not reach the Sustaining Amount. If you need to give less than the Sustaining Amount, do what is right for you and your family. We just ask that everyone make a meaningful gift.  If you are able to give more than the Sustaining Amount, we thank you for your generosity.

What does my Annual Commitment gift cover? Annual Commitment income is used to fund IHC’s basic operational budget (such expenses as salaries, utilities, building maintenance, program materials, dues to the Union for Reform Judaism). It ensures that our synagogue, clergy and staff are available every day of the year to serve the needs of our congregants. Other life cycle and program-specific fees, such as religious school tuition, Bar/Bat mitzvah and program fees (which are heavily subsidized by IHC), facility rental, will still be assessed.

What happens if I do not complete my pledge form? We need to hear from all of you by November 22 so that our Board can accurately budget for 2022. Completing the online form takes just minutes.

We thank you for being our partner because with you and your financial support, IHC can continue to build Jewish experiences that change lives, inspire meaning, and repair the world.