Tackle Indianapolis’ Eviction Crisis with Brit Olam

Our Brit Olam Social Justice Committee invites you to join the effort to tackle Indianapolis’ eviction crisis. They are asking for all IHC congregants to attend their upcoming meeting on Monday, January 25th at 7pm.

Click here to join the Zoom meeting. The meeting will include a discussion of “Forced Out” written by Matthew Desmond. Read the article here.

Click here to view the January 22 Post-Shabbat Program with Mike Chapuran, Executive Director of Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis. You will need to fast forward to about 52 minutes for the start of the program.

Other ways you can help tackle the eviction crisis:

What is Brit Olam?

IHC has joined this Reform Judaism-wide effort, committing to acting powerfully and together to bring about the world we want — a world filled with justice, compassion and wholeness.

How to Join the Brit Olam Team

Please send an email to ihcbritolam@gmail.com to get involved, receive email updates and meeting notices.
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