Contact Our State Leaders To Demand “No Excuse” Absentee Voting for November Election

A call to action from our Brit Olam Social Justice Team:

IHC Brit Olam fosters a spirit of action among our congregation, advocating for lasting change on social justice issues of shared significance. Our focus right now is on the upcoming November general election, and we are asking you to take action.

Please contact our state leaders about “no excuse” absentee voting for the November election.

In Judaism, the prevention of sickness and the sanctity of the body, both in physical and emotional health, is a central concept. The word for “healthy” in Hebrew is beri’ut (from the root “to create”). A body is merely on loan by God and therefore must be kept healthy.

But political participation is also a central tradition. The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism points out, “Moreover, it is our responsibility to play an active role in our community and choosing its leaders. Rabbi Yitzhak taught that “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted” (Babylonian Talmud Berachot 55a). This deeply embedded ethic of political participation has guided Jews to enthusiastically participate in the American electoral process.

Why should there be a contradiction between keeping voters healthy and voting?

Whatever place in the political spectrum you end up on, voting will be critically important in November. The COVID-19 virus will put our friends and family in danger if they must vote in person for the presidential election in November. Unless we get “no excuse” absentee voting again for the general election, like we had for the primary election, most people under age 65 will have to risk going to the polls to vote in person.

That decision rests with our Indiana state leaders, and they need to be told to act now. It’s not easy to call or write these emails, we know. But it is important that we all work together to call or write Governor Holcomb, Secretary of State Connie Lawson, and the Indiana Election Commission to ask for “no excuse” absentee ballots for November.

Here’s a sample letter or telephone call or make the message more powerful with your own words:

Dear Governor Holcomb:

Please make it possible for voters of all ages to vote with “no excuse” absentee ballots in November. The COVID-19 virus will still be circulating then, and citizens deserve the chance to vote without risking their health and safety. The time to act is now.


Use this contact information for your communications:

Governor Holcomb: 317-232-4567, Office of the Governor. Statehouse. Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797. His website is:

Secretary of State Lawson: 317-232-6532.

Indiana Election Commission: