Our Journey Continues!

2021 Fund Drive

Passover to Shavuot

We Are Not Out Of The Wilderness, Yet.

Because of your generosity, we are weathering the storm caused by this modern day plague of COVID-19. Our efforts in 2020 were successful, and the challenges continue – therefore, our fundraising journey continues. Our projections show that we need to raise $350,000 to continue to do all that we do at IHC this year. Join us for our 2021 Fund Drive.

Here Is Some Good News.

We have two generous donors to help lead us out of this desert:
Dan and Susanne Spitzberg have pledged a lead gift, along with a second anonymous donor couple. These two generous gifts are Matching Gifts, totaling $150,000. That means that we’ll just need to raise $150,000 to get the Match Money, plus another $50,000 to reach our total goal. With your help, we can reach the Promised Land.

Some Other Good News.

Once we reach our $350,000 goal, we will be FREE and will not have to do any additional fundraisers* – that means that we can skip our annual High Holy Day Appeal!  

*Your lips to God’s ears that no more unexpected expenses come up. Last year was a doozy, with the roof, parking lot, new phone system and other unexpected expenses.

The Four Questions.

1. Tell me again why we are continuing the COVID-19 fundraiser?

Each year,  members’ annual commitments only cover about 60% of the income we need to operate and our budget typically includes a fundraising line of about $100,000-150,000. If you remember, last year we had planned on celebrating our 10-year partnership with Rabbi Krichiver. Sadly, the pandemic caused us to cancel the event. We also count on about $75,000 from our annual High Holy Day Appeal. Sometimes other fundraisers are needed.

This year, because of the lasting effects of the COVID-19, we are already short, so we must raise even more – a grand total of $350,000. To simplify, we’ve decided to combine everything into this one Fund Drive for 2021.

2. How much should we give?

A wise sage said “don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good.”  We love this idea. Only you know what you are able to give. The important thing is that every one of our members gives something, as we are all responsible for supporting our sacred community. Of course, we have many people who are not yet members who enjoy what IHC offers. We ask these people to give, too!

3. When do I need to give by?

We’ve chosen to kick off our Fund Drive on Passover because it celebrates our journey to freedom. This Fund Drive is a continuation of our journey to our financial freedom from COVID-19.

We chose Shavuot as the giving deadline because it commemorates the revelation of Torah on Mt. Sinai to the Jewish people.  During these days leading up to Shavuot, we symbolically prepare for receiving the wisdom of the Torah. We all know that Without Bread, There is No Torah (this is the reason why we named our annual High Holy Day Appeal just that).

The short answer is: please make your gift anytime before Shavuot or May 17. 

4. How do I make my gift?

That’s the easy part.  We start by sharing our gratitude. You choose from 2 ways to give:

Pay by Check.

Please make it payable to IHC and mail it to us at:
6501 N. Meridian Street
Attn: Fund Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Please include a note indicating how you want to have your name(s) listed (or if you want to be anonymous) in our acknowledgements. We want to get it right!

Donate Online.

Click the button below to make your gift. If possible, please pay the convenience fee so that 100% of your contribution comes back to us!

We Can’t Do It Without You.

Thank you for giving to our 2021 Pledge Drive!