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Our Case For Your Support

Giving at IHC is the most important investment you can make in the future of our synagogue.

With your gift, you help build Jewish experiences that change lives, inspire meaning, and repair the world. With your gift, you make membership and religious education possible for all who seek a Jewish connection but face challenges. With your gift, you secure a Jewish future for generations yet to come. Please join us to make this possible.

May we always be here for you inside

Our home on Meridian Street
Your home on Shabbat
Your heart, soul and mind 

May our doors always be open

To discover your authentic Jewish self
To understand why you are here
To connect, pray and laugh together as family and friends
To celebrate and grieve, struggle and rejoice


May you always enter through your own door

Of learning
Of connection
Of meaning
Of inclusion

May we partner to ensure we are always here for

Seekers and new Jews
Families of all constellations
Jews and the people who love them
Israel and our global community

Now that you know what your gift does, please consider a donation to IHC