Ways to Give

So Many Ways To Give!

There are as many ways to support the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation as there are reasons to contribute to our ongoing excellence.

Our staff stands ready to connect you with opportunities for giving that advance your spiritual, financial, and philanthropic goals.

Here are just some of the ways to give:

Check or Credit Card

You can make your donation by sending a check to IHC, attn: Accounting Manager, 6501 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260. .

Donating online by credit card through our secure portal is safe and easy. If you prefer to make your credit card donation over the phone, please speak with our accounting department at 317.255.6647.

Grants from Donor-Advised Funds

You can make your contributions to IHC and/or any of our funds with a gift from a donor-advised fund or charitable gift fund. For more information, please contact Executive Director or call us at 317.255.6647.


You can make your donation by the transfer of securities from your brokerage account into the account maintained by IHC specifically to receive contributions of stock. This method may be particularly advantageous to you if your portfolio contains highly-appreciated securities you have owned for at least a year. Instead of selling these assets and incurring a tax on the capital gains, consider donating them to IHC. Under current tax rules, such gifts receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities on the date of your gift and do not incur tax on any gain. Be sure to consult your legal and tax advisors regarding the applicability to your individual situation. For additional information, please contact us at Executive Director or call us at 317.255.6647

IRA Charitable Rollover
If you have savings in a tax-deferred retirement account, such as a 401(k) or traditional IRA, you are required to begin taking minimum distributions from your account beginning in the year during which you turn 73. You may instruct the administrator of your account to transfer funds directly from your IRA account to IHC as a donation.  Qualified donors may make tax-free gifts of up to $100,000 annually in this manner, will will be adjusted annually for inflation now through 2033.  The amount of your direct transfer counts toward your required minimum distribution for retirement plans, but is not subject to income tax as it would be should you first withdraw the funds yourself.  Please consult your plan administrator and tax advisors to ensure your direct gift is made properly.  Contact Executive Director for additional information or call 317.255.6647.
Life Insurance

A new or existing life insurance policy may be used to benefit IHC, by designating IHC as the owner or beneficiary of the insurance proceeds. Our staff is available to assist your legal, tax, and insurance advisors with this type of donation. Contact Executive Director or call 317.255.6647 for additional information .

Matching Gifts

You may be eligible to have your donations to IHC matched by your employer. Please check with the human resources office at your place of employment to see if this benefit is available to you, and whether gifts to IHC qualify. If so, please include your company’s matching gift form to us when you make your gift, or request that one be sent to us, so that your contribution is verified. We will confirm your donation and complete the necessary documentation to amplify the amount of your gift with the matching contribution from your employer. If you have questions, please contact Executive Director or call 317.255.6647. 

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are exactly what they sound like: a gift that has been planned with intention and purpose. You do not need to be wealthy to make a gift that will provide valuable support for our congregation. Examples of this type of donation include a simple bequest made in a will for a specific dollar amount or as all or a portion of your residuary estate. A trust provision can be used to either create funds that benefit IHC during your lifetime or deferred until after your death. Consult your legal and tax advisors for the plan that ensures your intentions are meaningfully carried out. Additionally, contact Executive Director or call us at 317.255.6647 for general questions regarding this type of donation.

Now that you’ve seen all of ways to give, please consider giving to IHC today