Have You Met Someone from the Board of Directors? 

Did you know there are 20 people from our congregation who serve as members of the board of directors of IHC. You will usually see us in the building, greeting you for services and other special events.  But we are more than just a welcome committee.  We are also responsible for making decisions that guide both short term and long term plans for IHC.  

So what have we been working on the last few months?  Here’s just a few of the projects 

  • Approval of the new sound system so you’ll be able to hear, understand and appreciate the services and other events in the building.
  • Upgrades to our security system funded by a two-year grant from Homeland Security.  
  • Approval of a standard Sexual Misconduct and Ethics Policy  
  • Formation of new committees for education (led by Dodi Stein and Lilia Zurkovsky) and ritual life (led by Ken Gould).  If you are interested in being a member of these or any of the other committees drop a note to Mitch Katz and we will get you connected to the right person.

What’s next? We are excited about being a part of the URJ Belonging project in early 2024, so look for a survey for your input which we will use to guide some of our new programs in 2024. 

And if you are curious about what a board meeting is like, you are welcome to join us. They are open to all members of the congregation. Typically held the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm . Check with Pete to confirm the schedule if you are interested in attending. 

Look for more updates from the board in the coming months.