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High Holy Day Enhancements

To Enhance Your High Holy Days,
Check Out These Offerings:

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the High Holy Days!

Our Caring Community is Here For You.

IHC’s Caring Community Corps is gearing up to connect with congregants during the High Holy Day season. If you, a member of your family, or a congregant you know, would appreciate a friendly phone call, or must rely on volunteers to get to IHC to pick up and return a set of borrowed High Holy Day prayer books, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Norm Sider at 317-627-2747, at nssider@gmail.com.

Due to COVID-19, we anticipate needing a record number of volunteers to do the above (and more) and to reach out to the most vulnerable among us. Please contact Norm to join our Caring Community team using his contact information above or clicking the button on the right.

Virtual Break-The-Fast

LAF (Life After Fifty) invites you to be part of IHC’s Break-the-Fast around a virtual holiday table. You’ll enjoy your own Break-the-Fast favorites while you “Zoom in” starting 15 minutes after the final blast of the shofar during IHC’s N’ilah and Havdalah service. Everyone, regardless of age or whether local or at a distance, is welcome to join our virtual family for friendship and great conversation.

Happy Challah Days

Our kitchen may be closed, but thanks to Brian and Sally Shapiro and Shapiro’s Delicatessen & Bakery, we will make sure you have your round challahs for the holidays. When you order these delicious loaves, you will not only be breaking delicious bread, but you will also be supporting our ECC. Find out all of the details, including variety and cost, ‘contact-limited’ pick up dates by clicking below.  Orders for both holidays are due by September 10.

Kever Avot – Visiting the Graves of Loved Ones

IHC has made the decision that we will not be holding communal services at our cemeteries this year, but encourage you to visit your loved ones’ graves on your own. Click on the button below for helpful resources.
Click here to read more about this moving tradition for the High Holy Days.

Send High Holy Day Greetings

Each year, Sisterhood offers you the opportunity to honor and show your appreciation for our clergy team, professional staff and their families. Money raised supports Women of URJ and IHC Sisterhood Youth, Education and Special Projects (Y.E.S.) Funds.

DIY Tashlich

On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Jews traditionally proceed to a body of running water, preferably one containing fish, and symbolically cast off their sins.

Come Learn With Us At IHC.

If we were gathering in the sanctuary, we would have this Adult Education flyer on your seat. So, pretend you are picking it up and take a look at all the ways you can learn with us at IHC.

Sisterhood Gift Shop: Concierge Shopping Experience

Just in time for the High Holy Days, Sisterhood is now offering concierge shopping every Wednesday between 10am and noon. Your Sisterhood personal shopper will guide you through the gift shop (by phone or video), help you make your selection, and even gift wrap your items. Then we arrange for ‘contact-limited’ curbside pickup at IHC. Schedule your concierge shopping experience by clicking below or calling Bonnie Foster at 317-697-5642.

Just added: For your last minute High Holy Day Shopping, we will be offering our concierge service on Friday, September 25 from 9:30am -2:30pm, which coincides with the Yom Kippur Challah pick-up at our ECC. Please contact Bonnie to set a time for your personal shopper to help you!

Accept The Challenge. Be Part Of Something Greater.

Brit Olam, IHC’s social justice advocacy program, challenges our entire community to vote this November. Help us reach our goal of becoming a 100% Voting Congregation.

A man once came before his rabbi (Chazon Ish 1878-1953) and explained that he didn’t have enough money to pay taxes, and therefore would not be allowed to vote in an upcoming election.  The rabbi responded: “Sell all your Jewish ritual objects if you have to, you can borrow those from another.  The right to vote you cannot get from someone else.”

Creating Your Sanctuary At Home and Within.

Yes, we will miss gathering together at IHC in our beautiful sanctuary, coming dressed in our High Holy Day finery. As we are all reimagining how we are going to do the High Holy Days “COVID” style, here are some ways you can create your sanctuary at home and within. 

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