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High Holy Day Prayer Books

To Follow Along In Our Machzorim (High Holy Day Prayer Books)

IHC will have a limited number of prayer books available for loan this High Holy Day season.
To request prayer books, we ask that you contact the temple office at 317-255-6647 by September 11. No exceptions. There are also ways to have your own set of prayer books for your bookshelf or your Kindle. To have your own set of prayer books for your bookshelf, you can purchase a set from the CCAR Press. You can also buy a Kindle version for each book.

Printed set from CCAR

Kindle Mishkan HaNefesh Rosh Hashanah for $9.99

Kindle Mishkan HaNefesh Yom Kippur for $9.99

If you are homebound and do not have access to the digital formats of the High Holy Day prayer books and would like to borrow a set, we have a very limited number of sets to loan out. For assistance from our Caring Community, please contact our Caring Community Chair, Andrea Burnett or leave a message for her by calling the IHC office at 317.255.6647.

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