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High Holy Day Prayer Books

To Follow Along In Our Machzorim (High Holy Day Prayer Books)

The time to request a prayer book from IHC has passed. To have your own set of prayer books for your bookshelf, you can purchase a set from the CCAR Press. They are offering a 15% discount now through October 3. You can also buy a Kindle version for each book.

Printed set from CCAR for $39.10 (includes discount code)

Kindle Mishkan HaNefesh Rosh Hashanah for $9.99

Kindle Mishkan HaNefesh Yom Kippur for $9.99

If you are homebound and do not have access to the digital formats of the High Holy Day prayer books and would like to borrow a set, we have a very limited number of sets to loan out. For assistance from our Caring Community, please contact our Caring Community Chair, Andrea Burnett or leave a message for her by calling the IHC office at 317.255.6647.

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