If You Need Our Clergy: Important Reminder

In an effort to better serve you with your pastoral needs, we thought we should remind you of the process of getting information to our Clergy Team. Instead of emailing, calling or texting our clergy directly, please contact our clergy assistant, Amber Harter. She will input your information into our member-care software program, which allows all of the information to reside in one safe place so that our clergy know which of our members are in need.

Additionally, because we don’t always hear about everything, we count on you to be the “ears” in our community. Please let us know if you or someone you know in our IHC Family is sick, has passed away, is scheduled for surgery, may need a helping hand, a caring call, or would like to be added to our Mishaberach (healing prayer) list. We like to hear good news too! Working together, we can make sure our IHC family is well cared for!
Contact Amber at 317-255-6647 or by email.