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To join together in Sisterhood and, guided by the principles of Reform Judaism, strengthen our congregation, our community and ourselves.

About Sisterhood

Sisterhood is a welcoming, caring and engaging community within IHC. Sisterhood empowers women of IHC by creating an atmosphere for personal and spiritual growth. Over 104 years old (we don’t look it do we?), Sisterhood remains an integral part of Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, by providing funding for temple projects and programs and providing the Woman Power to get things done!

In 2018, we made a radical change to be more welcoming and inclusive. Now, every woman of IHC is a Sisterhood member. Instead of paying “dues” to be a member, we now are counting on every IHC woman to take pride in our Sisterhood and to become a Contributor. Of course, YOU decide the amount that is meaningful to you and what works with your budget.

Our 2023-24 Membership Campaign Is In Full Swing!

Please take a minute to make your annual gift so that we can continue to do all that we do for ourselves, our temple, and our community. Consider making a donation of just $36 (think $3/month or one coffee). Of course, if you can give more, please do. Your gift matters and we can only thrive if you add your support.

Here are the ways you can support Sisterhood:

  • Become a Contributor with a donation (of any amount) to support our 2023-24 programs & projects. Even if you don’t have time to be active in Sisterhood right now, we ask you to please support us financially. We can’t do all that we do without you!
  • Attend our incredible events, even if it is just one or two a year …we promise, you will enjoy it. We make every effort to keep these free or low cost, when possible.
  • Volunteer! It’s a great way to get to know each other! And we always have fun!
  • Participate in our annual fundraising efforts like Hamentashen sales, Spring Raffle, Hanukkah Hellos, and others!
  • Contribute to the WRJ YES Fund
  • Serve or chair a committee

You should become a Contributor because Sisterhood:

  • Helps nurture new friendships to help you feel more connected to each other and IHC.
  • Provides stimulating programming and social events, including our lively Torah Talk with Rabbi Brett, Sisters in the Sukkah, and our popular Women’s Seder.
  • Engages with the surrounding community through our many Social Action projects such as providing food for school breaks, Thanksgiving baskets for families in need, support for victims of domestic violence and food insecurity.
  • Supports every aspect of Temple life with almost $45,000 in annual financial gifts!

Stay Connected with IHC Sisterhood!

2023-24 Board of Directors

President Ruth Anderson
Immediate Past President – Rise’ Friendman
Vice President of Membership – Sonja Kantor
Vice President of Fundraising – Stacy Rubens
Vice President of Religious Living – Cantor Janice Roger
Vice Presidents of Membership Meetings – Amy Isaacs & Eloise Paul
Treasurer – Elyse Chuvalas
Assistant Treasurer – Rebecca Willis
Registrar – Victoria Cahn
Corresponding Secretary – Elizabeth Wertz
Recording Secretary – Karen Katz

Parliamentarian – Anita Dansker
Director of Social Action – Bennie Silver
Director of Communications – Sara Cox
Director of Operations – Carolyn Hiser
Director of The Gift Shop – Bonnie Foster
Gift Shop Volunteer Coordinator – Marcella Slabosky
Gift Shop Bookkeeper – Elyse Chuvalas
Director of YES Fund – Lily Zurkovsky
Chair of ByLaws & Policies – Andrea Pactor
Hamentashen Chair – Judy Levy
Chair of Lilith Salon – Marjorie Moore Gullett

Show Your Sisterly Love: Become a 2023-24 IHC Sisterhood Contributor

Imagine What More We Can Do Together If Every IHC Woman Contributed Just $3/Month ($36/Year)!

Continuing in 23-24, every adult woman of IHC is a Sisterhood member. We invite you to participate with Sisterhood by providing contact information and help us make IHC stronger than ever with your financial contribution. If you can’t give $36 right now, give what you can. If you can give more than $36, that’s great. Your 2023-24 contribution helps support IHC and WRJ programs that touch youth, education, and special projects. Your contribution applies July 1 – June 30.

Get Involved!

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