Volunteers Needed for the IT Committee

Are you the kind of person who is interested in the Internet? Do you live for the intersection of sockets and sermons? Flip your bits for the role technology plays in our lives and love making it real for others? You should consider joining the IHC IT Committee!
Historically, the IHC IT Committee has served to help stand up IHC’s first website in the 90s, including registration of ihcindy.org, upgraded and replaced aging terminals with new computers, and generally advising the board and staff in all things technical – which you know can range from the right Outlook retention settings to network topography. Now, with life being so heavily online, we’ve got some catching up to do with making sure IHC’s digital health is as strong as our community, and we need your to help.
If any of these things sound interesting, or you have expertise in technology that you are willing to share, please join the IHC IT Committee. Please email our Chair, Eddie Roger or call him at 317-496-0328.  All technical expertise welcome, from software to hardware, infrastructure to IT project management.