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Gayle & Jerald Ancel

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Barb* & Steve* Bailie

Beverly & Robert Baker

Mary Ruth Barnard

Barbara & Michael Blickman

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Francine* & Roger Hurwitz

Lainie & Steven Hurwitz

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Frances* & Philip Stiefler

Betty & Morton Tavel

Charlene* & Sid* Tuchman

Carly & Larry Turow

Carol Weiss

Masha & David Wiener

Cynthia Yosha-Snyder & Roger Snyder

*of Blessed Memory as of November 2020


“Our kids are 4th generation at IHC, and there is a 5th generation represented on the Wall of Remembrance, with the estimated date that Carly’s great-grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. Larry’s from Peoria, and we met in Chicago. We moved to Indy in 2005 and “rejoined” IHC in 2011. We belonged to another congregation in the interim, but felt the need to “come home” to IHC after attending services and programs led by Rabbi Brett and Tami, and being with other congregants. Our commitment to include IHC in our estate planning is a way to express how much our congregation means to us.

By expressing that commitment while our children are still young, we can set an example of how we give time, talent, and treasure to the organizations we care about. We’re pledging as a percentage of our estate to be intentional about allocating resources regardless of what the dollar amount ends up being. Our kids are Martin, going in to sixth grade (we are in the process of planning his Bar Mitzvah in Israel in 2017), Frederick, going in to third grade, and Julia, going in to second grade. They attend Lawrence Township Schools. We want to make sure their children and all future generations will have a home at IHC.”

-Carly and Larry Turrow

“I’ve said this time and again, we don’t know what IHC will look like 25, even 50 years from now. We do know that it will look different. We want to make sure IHC will continue to be the relevant reformed congregation in central Indiana. We must build our temple’s foundation to assure this. Knowing Caroline and I are giving to the Life and Legacy Campaign and committing dollars that will perpetually help keep IHC able to perform its mission to our community makes participating in this campaign an easy decision for us. Please join Caroline and me this year and commit to the future of IHC. Future generations will thank us.”

-Greg Kroot

“There are three reasons that I want to include IHC in my afterlife plan: 1) For personal reasons… being part of IHC for over 35 years has enriched my life, my boys became bar mitzvot here and IHC is the place for me to carry out my Jewish rituals, 2) As the number of Jewish people in the world declines, it is important to try and reverse that trend and support the effort to keep our synagogue viable, lively and relevant and 3) Because I can! It is easy and does not cost me anything now. It’s my way of giving back to IHC.”

-Carol Weiss

“Dwayne and I became members of IHC over 34 years ago prior to getting married at IHC. We have since raised our family at IHC, our children attended religious school and were consecrated, became bar and bat mitzvahs, and confirmed at IHC. Our oldest met his wife when they both were in confirmation class and were also married in the newly remodeled sanctuary. Our whole adult Jewish life has been enhanced and developed as IHC members and the IHC community has become more than just our synagogue, it is our religious home.

We have all benefited because we have IHC.
We feel very strongly about continually making our home and community a better and sustaining place. We give our time and money to many community programs for that purpose. So, when asked to be a part of the Life and Legacy program it felt to us as a perfect fit. It is a way to continue giving after we are gone. We want our children, and someday, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have a place to call their religious home.”

-Amy Isaacs


“There are many reasons why Steve and I wanted to include IHC in our estate planning. However, of the many reasons, the most important is due to our strong connection to the synagogue and ensuring its sustainability. Both of us were raised in the IHC community, we got married at IHC and our parents continue to be part of the IHC community. We have shared both joyous and arduous life cycle events with our IHC family. It has always been a faithful place we have looked to, irrespective of celebration or difficult times, for prayer and teaching.

As parents of three boys, we have continued to stay connected and involved with IHC and it is important to both of us that our boys feel just as connected. It is a warm community that offers something for everyone of all ages. We love IHC and what it has come to mean to us. We want IHC to be around for our children and their children, and for generations to come. Our decision to include IHC in our estate planning was made without hesitation. It is our Jewish home and has always been there for us. IHC has given so much to our family, it was simply a ‘no brainer’ to give a little bit back to a place we consider home, after we are gone. “

– Lainie and Steve Hurwitz