“There’s a Jewish book waiting for you at the Temple Library!”

Welcome to IHC’s library, where the doors are always open!

We encourage you to read, browse and borrow.  Our collection contains approximately 7,000 Jewish books and reading materials for all ages.

The library is open whenever the building is open.

Our librarian is available for several hours on most weekdays, as well as on Sundays when the Jewish Learning Program/Religious School is in session from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You can email our librarian Evelyn  Pockrass for specific requests and information.

Borrowing Books

Temple Library operates on an honor system and we appreciate your cooperation.  Adult books may be borrowed for three weeks and can be renewed.   Children and Youth books may be borrowed tor two weeks and are renewable with the permission of the librarian.  Reference books always remain in the library.


 The library has a computerized catalogue system. 


Our librarian, Evelyn Pockrass hosts a monthly Jewish Book Club for adults. Click here for this year’s dates and selected books.

Our Reading Incentive Program co-sponsored with the Jewish Learning Program/Religious School, highlight each program year.

Book Donations

Many congregants have Judaica collections they wish to donate to the library.  Due to space limitations and other factors, we are unable to add most book donations to the collection.  Please consult the librarian for further details.

Financial Contributions to Support the Library

Contributions to IHC for books to honor a friend or relative or to remember a loved one may be sent to IHC for the Joseph Cantor Library  Fund (general books) or to the Benjamin X. Cohen Memorial Library Collection Fund (reference books).  A bookplate is affixed for books acquired from donations of $18 or higher.

The Children’s and Youth sections sponsor a Birthday Book Club for donations to honor a young child’s birthday.  Minimum donation:  $10.

We are proud that our IHC Library is a member of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL).

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