“There’s a Jewish book waiting for you at the Temple Library!”

Welcome to IHC’s library, where the doors are always open!

We encourage you to read, browse, and borrow. Our collection contains approximately 9,000 Jewish books and reading materials for all ages. We have a conference table so you can spread your reading materials out and do work or you can enjoy our comfortable lounge area where you can relax and read.

The library is open whenever the building is open. Our librarian, Evelyn Pockrass, is available on most weekdays and, from September to May, on Sundays during our Jewish Learning Program. Evelyn is a great resource on Jewish literature and IHC’s rich history.

Borrowing and Returning Books: We operate on an honor system and appreciate your cooperation. Adult books may be borrowed for three weeks and can be renewed. Children and Youth books may be borrowed for two weeks and are renewable with the permission of the Librarian. Reference books may not be taken out of the building. The charge for VHS/DVD rentals is $2 per item/per week. 


 The library has a computerized catalogue system. 


Our librarian, Evelyn Pockrass hosts a monthly Jewish Book Club. Click here for this year’s dates and selected books.

Our Reading Program during our Jewish Learing Program  encourages our children to read with book readings and incentives,

Book Donations

Many congregants have Judaica collections they wish to give to the library. We are currently unable to accept most donated books. Please consult the librarian for further details. 

Financial Contributions to Support the Library

To keep our library current, contributions are always appreciated. You may make a donation of any kind for any reason or to honor a friend or relative, or to remember a loved one. These types of donations may be made to IHC, designating either the  Joseph Cantor Fund (general books) or the Benjamin X. Cohen Fund (research books). Many congregants choose to sponsor books appropriate for our Children’s and Youth sections to honor a child’s birthday, bar or bat mitzvah or graduation.  To do this, mark your donation to IHC for Birthday Book Club. 

We are proud that our IHC Library is a member of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) and the Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA)

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