Application for the Marcia Goldstein Scholarship for Seniors

Brotherhood is proud to announce that this year’s application for the annual Marcia Goldstein scholarship is now available.

The MARCIA GOLDSTEIN Scholarship is open to Jewish high school seniors planning to attend an accredited university or college as a full-time student. Candidate must be:
1) an IHC Congregant who has successfully completed Bar / Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation;
2) Continued their Jewish education though senior year of High School. (This can be continuous involvement in youth group, Religious School Madrichim Program or a Jewish Education Program.)

Please Note: Only one MARCIAGOLDSTEIN Scholarship is awarded per year. The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the scholarship committee.

Complete this application, sign and submit with the following:
– Essay – You and a friend at school were talking about religion. The friend asked: “Can you tell me why you find Judaism so meaningful? How has it impacted your life?” What would you tell your friend about Judaism and being Jewish?
– References – Two letters of recommendation: One must be from a member of the IHC Clergy. The other may be from teachers, employers, personal mentors, etc. (no relatives). Submit both letters with this application.
– Transcript – Submit an official High School transcript with your application.
– Photograph – Include a wallet-sized photo with your name on the back.

All applications must be postmarked by April 15, 2024.