Your New IHC Board President

Mitch Katz was elected to a two-year term as IHC Board President during the temple’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 15. 
Below are Mitch’s remarks to the congregation about his vision for the next two years. 

“Good afternoon and thank you for joining our 2022 Annual Meeting.  My name is Mitch Katz and I am honored to serve as our Temple Board President for this upcoming term – Humbled to follow Eloise and so many others who have helped lead our congregation, eager to work along-side Rabbi Brett and our entire superb clergy and professional staff, and to serve with so many dedicated congregants volunteering on our board, committees and projects. I look forward to working together as we continue to create and re-create our special Jewish community.

As Eloise shared with me, we never know what awaits us, but our community has successfully handled change and challenges for almost 165 years, especially these past few. We have done so because we care about IHC being a thriving Jewish community.

As congregant families, we each have different needs and connect to Judaism in different ways.  The strength of IHC comes from combining the talents of our clergy and staff, our board, committees, and our whole congregation community to meet those needs. Together we can continue to build our congregation centered around engagement, relationships, education, worship and providing meaningful opportunities for our members to bring Judaism into their lives. Just as our grandparents and parents did before us, we will work to maintain customs and tradition while encouraging innovation to adapt to a changing world – so IHC can be a strong community today as well as for the generations that follow us.

Two years ago, we had a listening campaign.  Hearing your needs and interests led to our current three-year Strategic Vision – which is posted on our website.  Certain committees are also reaching out to members to survey you on specific topics.  Especially because we are a large congregation, we value finding common interests and desires through these conversations.

Over the next two years, our Board will continue to reach out in more and different ways to maintain an on-going dialogue about our community.  Besides sharing the work of the Board and its committees, we will listen to your ideas, needs and hopes. Of course, we will talk about budgets, finances and fundraising too because it really takes your financial support to pay the costs needed to fulfill our mission.  Please reach out with your thoughts and ideas – the board and I value them greatly.  You can reach me through the President e-mail link on the website.

Thank you for supporting our financial needs, especially during these more difficult past few years. The generosity of so many in our community, especially whiles others were unable, is so appreciated.  We cannot say thank you enough.  It allowed our clergy, staff and committees to expand opportunities and pivot to new technologies.  The Yom Kippur service at GUCI. Our remote Jewish Learning Program and adult education via Zoom.  Worship services streamed to our homes.  New programs including musical ones from Cantor Aviva, the Circles Program led by the Engagement Committee and an increasing number of programs from our Caring Community.  Last week the several groups involved in social justice efforts joined together as the Tzedak committee, which will help to coordinate and further promote our Tikun Olam efforts.  All of these are examples of how IHC has continued to fulfill its mission despite the challenges of COVID // because of your support.

Like me, I hope you are excited by the future we can build together.  Let’s add new and exciting opportunities to what we already offer so every member can find ways to connect through IHC.  You can help us accomplish this by giving IHC your time, talents, annual commitments and donations.  Join committees, volunteer for projects, participate in a new program or project, experience a different worship service. And, remember your annual commitments and on-going donations remain our primary source of funding. As you know, our sustaining commitment is about $3000.  To our families giving this amount or more, thank you so very much for your ability and desire.  We know not everyone can give this amount.  We ask each of you to give amounts meaningful to your family, and hope you will consider increasing your commitment next year.  Our annual commitments (and other donations) are an investment in Judaism for your family and in our community for the next generation.

I look forward to the year ahead as we strive to help congregants develop deepening relationships, expand opportunities to experience Judaism, and welcome new congregants to our community.”