Proposed Amended and Restated By-Laws

As mentioned in the mailing to Congregants dated April 23, 2018, you will find three documents for your review at this site. The first is the text of the Proposed By-Laws for IHC, with annotations highlighting many of the significant changes from our current By-Laws. This document is titled “IHC Proposed By-Laws Annotated”. The next document is a clean version of the same thing. This is the document to be voted on at the Annual Meeting and is titled “IHC Proposed By-Laws”. The final document is the proposed By-Laws for the Foundation, titled “Foundation Proposed By-Laws”. This document is for informational purposes only as it will be voted on by the Foundation Board of Directors. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Silien at [email protected].


IHC Proposed By-Laws Annotated

IHC Proposed By-Laws

Foundation Proposed By-Laws




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