Member Directory FAQs

If you haven't heard, we are creating a new IHC member directory!

The directory will include images of member households that participate as well as contact information for everyone, unless they opt out of adding that information. Photographers will be at IHC to take your photo for the directory, and when you come in for a picture, we will make sure your contact information is updated and accurate.

Below are sections on how to get a directoryphotography dates/timeshow to reserve your photography sessionhow to submit a photo for the directorywhat to expect when you arrive for your sessionwhat happens if you do not include a photo in the directory and how to opt out of including contact information in the directory.
Please email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

How do I get a Member Directory?

There are four ways to get an IHC member directory:

  1. Sit for a photography session at IHC, and you will receive a free printed member directory. Reference the following sections for details: What are the photography time slots? and How do I reserve a photography time slot?

  2. Submit a vertical photo of the members in your household, and you will receive a printed member directory for $5. Reference the following section for details: Can I submit a photo?

  3. Buy a printed member directory for $5 from IHC. Reference the following sections for details: What if I don't include a photo in the directory? and Can I choose not to include some information in the directory?

  4. All members in good standing will receive access to a free electronic directory.

Member directories should become available in early December.

When are the photography time slots?

We are offering several more options to have your photo taken at IHC.Reservations are required. The dates and times are listed below:
Sunday, October 28 - 9:00am to 3:00pm (This is a great option for families with students in Religious School!)
Monday, October 29 - 2:30pm to 9:00pm
Tuesday, October 30 - 2:30pm to 9:00pm
Monday, November 5 - 2:30pm to 9:00pm
Tuesday, November 6 - 2:30pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday, November 7 - 2:30pm to 9:00pm
Note: When you reserve your time slot online, the available times will be separated into 10 minute slots. You will choose a 10 minute time slot.That time slot will be when the photographers take your picture.This means you should arrive early in order to check in, and you will stay after your session to review the photos and choose the one you would like for the directory and your free 8x10 image.

How do I reserve a photography time slot?

You must reserve a time slot for photography in order to get your picture taken. You cannot show up without a reservation. Every member household that sits for an image will receive a free printed member directory and a free 8x10 photo from your photography session.The only way to receive a free printed directory is to sit for a photography session at IHC.
How to reserve your time slot:

  • Click this link to be directed to the LifeTouch reservation portal:

  • On the left side of the page, select the number of people who will be photographed in your household.

  • On the left side of the page, select your photography date. Available dates are in white.

  • Select your 10 minute photography time slot, and click "Book It." (Note: The session will take about a half an hour with check in, potential wait time, photography and review of image.)

  • Select the "New User" button.

  • Submit the required information. (Note: LifeTouch is asking you to create a new username and password. It is not asking you to use an existing username and password.)

Families in multiple households can reserve back-to-back time slots to allow for group photos. Photos are for the entire household, so every member who lives at one address can be in the same photo for the member directory.

Can I submit a photo?

If you cannot come to IHC for a photography session or would prefer to use your own photo, you can submit an image for the directory. You will have to pre-pay $5 for a directory if you submit a photo. You can submit a photo and the $5 payment, made out to IHC, to IHC by November 7. Email submitted photos to [email protected]. Below are specific guidelines for what kind of photos you can submit:

  • If you submit a professional photograph, you must also submit authorization from the photographer saying that we can legally use their image in our directory. A version of the authorization form can be found here.

  • The image must be vertical.

What should I expect when I arrive at IHC for my photography session?

When you arrive at IHC for your photography session, there will be signs directing you to the photographers. It is likely that your session will be in the Event Center, but that is subject to change. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your 10 minute time slot. This allows you time to check in. There will be two forms to fill out when you arrive.

  • The first form is for LifeTouch. It will ask you for household information that will be included in the directory. (Below you will see instructions for opting out of some information. If you do not want specific information listed in the directory, write "opt out" on the line for that information.)

  • The second form is for IHC's database purposes. This information will not be included in the member directory. We are taking this opportunity to update our database and make sure we have the most accurate information for your household.

After you fill out these forms, wait for your photography session. Please be patient, as the photographers might be running behind schedule. Your name will be called when it is time for your photography session.
After the photo session, you will sit down with a LifeTouch representative to choose the photo you want for the directory and the photo you would like as your free 8x10.

What if I don't include a photo in the directory?

We encourage all IHC members to sit for a photo or submit a photo for the member directory so that we can accurately represent our congregation. However, if you do not include a photo in the directory, your information will still be part of the member directory. You will have to pre-pay $5 by November 7 to receive a printed directory if your photo is not included. All members in good standing will also receive access to a free electronic directory. See instructions below if you would like to update your contact information for the member directory or opt out of adding certain information to the directory.

Can I choose not to include some information in the directory?

As mentioned above, you can choose to opt out of adding specific information to the member directory. The deadline for opt out is November 7. Unless you decide to opt out, we will include the names of everyone in your household, your home address, primary phone numbers and primary email addresses. If you do not want that information in the directory:

  • For people who sit for a photo at IHC - You will receive a card when you check in that asks for your household information. Write "opt out" on the line next to the information you do not want in the directory.

  • For people who do not sit for a photo at IHC - Email [email protected] with the information you do not want added to the member directory (names, home address, phone numbers or email addresses). If we do not hear from you by November 7, we will include all of this information in the member directory. If you are not sitting for a photo but would like to submit updated information for the member directory, please complete this online form by November 7.