Talk with Rabbi Aaron Spiegel: Attract, Engage, Retain: Can Social Justice Do All That?

Apr 4, 2022 | Announcements, Blog

Join synagogue culture expert Rabbi Aaron Spiegel along with IHC clergy, board, and members for a thought-provoking discussion about growing IHC’s social justice footprint.

Monday, April 25, 2022 from 7:00 to 8:30pm in the IHC Chapel

Learn about the state of social justice in congregations across the country and here in Indianapolis. Rabbi Spiegel will present and interpret findings from multiple studies using the nation’s largest dataset of synagogues and their members. Share your questions with Rabbi Spiegel as we chart a path for IHC’s newly established Tzedek Committee. And stay until the end of the discussion to learn about upcoming social justice events.

This event is proudly presented by the Brit Olam Committee.
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  1. Dr. Warren Fremling

    Dear Rabbi:

    I just heard your comments that you presented concerning abortion. I stand with you and the Jewish community. I have said similar things, albeit not as eloquently as you presented. I am most disturbed by the current stance on abortion in this state, and I fear that should the ultra-right aspect of the Republican Party be successful, it will lead to bans on birth control, the morning after pill, freedom of (and from) religion in our government, our schools, and in aspects of life in which religious freedom is tantamount.

    By way of background: While not being Jewish, for over 40 years I served the Jewish community on the North Shore of Chicago. For a time – 29 years to be exact, I even served as soloist for a Reform congregation. Should we chance to meet sometime, I’ll explain just how THAT happened, but I treasure those years for what it taught me about Judaism, Shabbat, the Holy Days, your philosophy (to which I might never have been exposed), and to love YOUR faith, as my own. For 10 years, I built a choir at another congregation, and worked with Cantors there. For several years prior, I worked as an incidental soloist as part of a paid quartet in choirs for the High Holy Days at both Conservative and Reform congregations. I helped prepare the late Rabbi Reuven Frankel (of blessed memory) to sing the High Holy Days in Israel. Lest I get too “puffed up”, Rabbi Frankel had been a Cantor for 50 years – he hired me for technical work on his singing – I’ve taught the same for 50+ years. He knew what he was doing technically – he just needed a nag to remind him.

    When I wasn’t doing that, I appeared with the Chicago Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Chicago Opera Theater, National Educational Television, and I produced a recording of the late Max Janowski’s (Cantor/Composer – KAM Isaiah) music, which was played over the Air Force Radio Network to an audience of three to five million.

    Bravo to you for your work, and for your clear comments for the Indiana Legislature. I’m in absolute agreement –

    Kol Tuv,

    Dr. Warren Fremling


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