Passover Recipes Needed!

Mah Nishtanah – Cooking for Passover IS Different
Seven days of eating unleavened bread can be a challenge at mealtime. What Passover foods are favorites with your family? Be part of Sisterhood’s digital recipe swap.  Share your recipes for main courses, side dishes or desserts that can add some spice to our meals this Passover.
When submitting your recipe(s), please include this information:
  1. Name of Recipe
  2. Recipe From: (either your name or someone else’s. If you are sending a recipe from a cookbook, please include the author and name of the cookbook.)
  3. Number of Servings
  4. Ingredients
  5. Preparation Instructions
Send your recipes to Cantor Roger, We look forward to receiving and sharing to make this Passover different for our households. Please have your submissions to Cantor Roger by March 1.