Sisterhood Events


Here are just some of the ways you can get involved with Sisterhood!





Rosh Chodesh

Rosh Chodesh, or head of the month, celebrates the new Jewish month and the appearance of the new moon. The connection between Rosh Chodesh and women dates back to biblical times when tradition tells us women refused to participate in the sin of the Golden Calf and were thus rewarded with Rosh Chodesh. According to kabbalistic teachings, women share a special relationship with the moon, and as such they have special reason to celebrate Rosh Chodesh.  Each month a Sisterhood member will announce the Rosh Chodesh with a personal reading to celebrate women and share this observance with the community. 

We are looking for volunteers to be Rosh Chodesh readers throughout the year. Readers are provided with an introduction and can select a passage, poem, or writing of her choice.

Click here to sign up to read for Rosh Chodesh!

Torah Talk

All are welcome to join Sisterhood study with the Rabbi on designated Wednesday mornings throughout the year! While Rabbi Brett is on Sabattical, we will be too. Stay tuned for our Spring dates once he returns! 

Lilith Salon

Join us to discuss compelling articles in the “independent, Jewish and frankly feminist magazine,” Lilith. 

Here is the information on our February Meeting: