IHC counts on all of our members to help us be successful.

Please find a way to volunteer, whether joining a committee or task force, signing up to help in the office or with special projects, working an event etc.
Volunteering is a great way to meet other members and build friendships! 

Tikkun Olam

One of the pillars of IHC today, and throughout our 160 year history, is our commitment to Tikkun Olam - our responsibility to repair the world. Our rabbis have been leaders in the civil rights movement, and our congregants have championed social justice. Today, our members participate in a variety of ways to make Indianapolis a better place for all its citizens, particularly those in need.

Our IHC Mitzvah Projects continue to shape our soul. They are centered in three major areas: hunger, homelessness and families in need. Whether it is collecting, sorting, sharing, doing, cooking, serving or just helping, we are committed to bettering our world by starting with our community. 

Please click this button to sign up for one or more Mitzvah Projects: 

 Social Justice Sign Up button 

We also need members to host our weekly Friday Night Oneg Shabbats. Please take a turn. Click here for more information on what all it entails and to sign up!

If you cannot volunteer at this time or you simply want to make a donation to help pursue justice in our community and our world, please click this button:

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