Voting by Absentee Ballot for the Indiana Primary Election

A non-partisan message from our IHC Brit Olam Social Justice Team:

This year, voting in Indiana’s Primary Election may be difficult. The Primary election date has been changed, and, because of health risks, many people won’t want to go vote at the polls. It’s also likely that there will be fewer physical polling places than there have been in past elections. It is important that all Hoosiers vote in the June 2 Indiana Primary Election. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we wanted to inform you about how you can easily vote with an Absentee Ballot.

Important Things to Know:

  1. Governor Holcomb has made it possible for everybody to vote by Absentee Ballot. But, you must first complete an Absentee Ballot Application.This application must be returned by May 21 by 11:59 pm. This application is good for any county in Indiana, just check for the return mailing address for each county on page 2 of the application.
  2. Funding was approved to mail ballot applications to every registered voter in Marion County, so watch or mail or use the link below to complete your application.IF you reside in counties outside of Marion, please request an application or use the link below to complete and send yours.
  3. The Indiana Primary Election has been moved to June 2, 2020. Voter Registration deadline for the June 2 Primary is Monday, May 4Click here to confirm you are registered to vote or to register to vote.
  4. Once your Absentee Ballot Application is received and processed, you will be sent an Absentee Ballot. Your Absentee Ballot is due June 2 (Election Day) at Noon.
  5. We need your help educating others about voting by Absentee Ballot. Please make this educational campaign go viral by asking everyone (friends, family, colleagues, associates in your religious, social or other groups) to spread the word. It is unlikely that Indiana will be able to spend money to educate the public.
  6. It is important we all vote in the upcoming Primary Election, so that our voices are heard.

Click here for instructions on how to vote by absentee ballot (and how to complete the application).

Click here to download the 2020 Application for the 2020 Absentee Ballot for the Primary Election on June 2, 2020.