What is our Brit Olam Social Action Team Up to These Days?

Social Action Update: Brit Olam Team

How do we stop unnecessary evictions from ruining lives? And how will we vote safely during the Pandemic?

Eviction Reduction Campaign

In 2016 Indianapolis had the second largest number of evictions in the US behind only New York City, more than Los Angeles and Chicago combined. The IHC Brit Olam Team is pleased to report that IHC, in partnership with over 300 organizations and the City of Indianapolis, persuaded Governor Holcomb to veto oppressive state legislation that would have nullified an ordinance passed by the City-County Council and signed by Mayor Hogsett. That ordinance fines landlords who retaliate against tenants for reporting poor housing and requires landlords to notify tenants of their rights and responsibilities.

Brit Olam Team members sent e-mails, made phone calls, signed-on to a joint protest letter, waved signs in front of television cameras, and spoke to reporters. There’s power in numbers, and we hope you’ll join us as we continue to fight to expand tenants’ rights. There’s much more work to be done!

Voter Safety Campaign

The Pandemic has caused the rules for voting in the June 2 primary election to change in order to enable citizens to vote safely.  The evolving rules may differ, depending on your county of residence. The Brit Olam Team will soon launch a Voter Safety Campaign to inform IHC congregants how to register and absentee vote, and to encourage IHC congregants to spread the word to their friends and networks. All Indiana citizens must register by May 4, apply for an absentee ballot by May 21, and complete and return the absentee ballot by June 2. Click here for more information.

How to Join the Brit Olam Team

Please send an email to Les Zwirn at les.zwirn@gmail.com  to get involved.

What is Brit Olam?

IHC has joined this Reform Judaism-wide effort, committing to acting powerfully and together to bring about the world we want — a world filled with justice, compassion and wholeness.