“We strive to create a fun, accepting community of Jewish young professionals who belong to or who have reached out to IHC. We aim to bring together Jews in their 20’s and 30’s in Indianapolis (and beyond!) through a variety of fun events. Whether or not you’re a member of IHC or any of the other wonderful synagogues in Indy, we welcome you!”

”Maybe you’ve been in this scenario. You’ve been to your local temple, attended a few Shabbat services, and wondered: where the heck is everyone my age?! You know they’re out there, but how do you find them?

Here’s where IndyChai comes in. We want to create a sense of community with Jewish young professionals who belong or who have reached out to IHC, whether you’re affiliated with a synagogue or not. We hope to provide social, religious, and philanthropic opportunities through events like hanging out together at a local bar, creating peer-led Shabbat services, volunteering, hosting camp-style Havdalah services, and so much more – using ideas that are exciting and relevant to what you want to do, see, and learn about.”

Interested in getting involved? E-mail [email protected]


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