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BH Meeting 21Who is IndyChai?

IndyChai is a fun, accepting community of Jewish young professionals in their 20s and 30s who belong to or who have reached out to IHC. All are welcome!

What does IndyChai do?

The goal of IndyChai is to create a sense of community with Jewish young professionals in Indianapolis, whether you’re affiliated with a synagogue or not. Our main focuses are to provide fun and exciting social events with Jewish spiritual content and to develop social action initiatives throughout the Indianapolis community.

We understand that the Jewish connection is important to Jewish young professionals in Indy, and we strive to offer new and unique events, like Beer Havdalah and Shabbat in the City. Furthermore, we have heard from many members of our community who want to develop meaningful relationships with other groups across Indianapolis outside the Jewish community.

IndyChai is excited to host events open to all Indianapolis communities like Open Mic Night and Venti Indy Chai. These events will give our members and those of other communities the chance to speak openly and freely about important topics in a safe space. IndyChai knows we are all in this together, and that together, we can make bigger impacts across the city.

See IHC's calendar for the updated event schedule.

Interested in getting involved? E-mail [email protected]

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