Sisterhood Membership Application

Exciting News for 2019: Now All IHC Women are Sisterhood Members!

We hope this makes being part of Sisterhood more inclusive! We are counting on every IHC woman to take pride in our Sisterhood and become a Contributing Member

Help us make this change work, so we can  continue to do all that we do at IHC and in our community and be more inclusive! Make a contribution of any amount!  We are stronger together !

One of the mottos of the Women of Reform Judaism, our national organization, is "stronger together". There is no better way to express the benefits of becoming a Contributing Member of Sisterhood.

We make the Temple stronger. 48% of our budgeted expenditures go to support education, youth, and clergy. We make ourselves stronger. Lilith Salons, social programs, and community service programs are our hallmark.

So please, support Sisterhood! Let's be stronger together! 

Karen Rossen

Sisterhood President 


Your contribution of $54 or more includes membership in Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) which serves Jewish and humanitarian causes worldwide and also includes a pledge to Youth, Education, and Special Projects (YES Funds).

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