Who rise from prayer better persons, their prayer is answered.
- George Meredith

PurimLet Your Voice Be Heard! Get involved in our worship services:

There are many ways to play an integral part of our prayer and worship experiences:
Shabbat Greeters welcome members and guests to Shabbat evening services. Sign up to be a Shabbat Greeter here.

Oneg Shabbat Hosts plan, bake or purchase and arrange food for an Oneg Shabbat. Sign up to be an Oneg Shabbat Host here.

Worship Committee works with our clergy to shape your worship experience.

IHC Community Choir enhances Shabbat and High Holy Day worship services with music and participates in community musical events. 

65th Street Klezmorim is IHC’s house band for Simchat Torah, Purim and Shabbat.

Chai Notes invites children first through fourth grade to life their voices together in Shabbat worship services.