Worship With Us

PurimWho rise from prayer better persons, their prayer is answered.
- George Meredith
Let Your Voice Be Heard!

There are many ways to play an integral part of our prayer and worship experiences:
* Shabbat Greeters welcome members and guests to Shabbat evening services. Sign up to be a Shabbat Greeter here.

* Oneg Shabbat Hosts plan, bake or purchase and arrange food for an Oneg Shabbat. Sign up to be an Oneg Shabbat Host here.

* Worship Committee works with our clergy to shape your worship experience.

* Congregational Choir enhances Shabbat and High Holy Day worship services with music and participates in community musical events. Contact Cantor Roger. 

* 65th Street Klezmorim is IHC’s house band for Simchat Torah, Purim, and Shabbat. Contact Cantor Roger.

* Chai Notes invites children grades 1 through 4 to life their voices together in Shabbat worship services. Contact Cantor Roger.

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